Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aquarama 2015

I am elated with 5 winnings this Aquarama 2015, all with my self-bred fishes. One of the winners is the magenta mosaic - one that I worked on for a few years from scratch using the short tail magenta and lace lines. The delta tail shape and the mosaic pattern are proving quite challenging to maintain.

Unfortunately, my brown moscow was not timely to enter into the competition due to its small size . I still maintain these browns and hope to field them for future competitions.

The 5 winnings out of 8 entries I sent:

1st Prize: Group (10 Males) Tuxedo/Bicolour
1st Prize: Trio Open
1st Prize: Trio Bicolour
2nd Prize: Trio Solid Colour (Moscow)
2nd Prize: Lace/Snakeskin

Here are some videos:

Trio Bicolor 1st Prize

Trio Open 1st Prize

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2013 Guppy Contest

The Singapore Guppy Contest 2013 was held on 17th November 2013 in Mainland Tropical Fish Farm.

My self bred Lace and Moscow Red managed to clinch Champion and 2nd Runner-up in the Lace/Snakeskin and Bicolor categories respectively. Many thanks to Mr Lok Weng Kit for helping me bench-in for the competition.

Champion, Lace/snakeskin

2nd Runner-up, Bicolor

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Matter of Size

My big body Moscow Red
Imagine having a posh little yacht and we would endow it with everything nice and lovely - install a big sail, and furnished its cabin with quality heavy-duty timber and steel. Throw in the accessories like fridges, TVs and lots of goodies and food too. If we do not pay attention to the payload, the chances are the yacht may be overloaded or may even sink, let alone set sail.

Human nature would wish for everything nice in abundance; no exception when we make guppies. It is easy to cross in lines with big sail fin and wide caudal and discover eventually that these fancy guppies may not be able to carry itself properly as they mature.

I love the delta strains with big broad, long dorsal and majestic caudal and so I experimented a lot with the Moscow strains because I wish for their strong, big body to carry a bigger payload. Size matters, but age takes its toll on everything, it really does matter when we carry the same payload when we are young and strong compared to when we are older... so be mindful of the peak of the lineage when grace and beauty are in good balance.

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Green Lantern" Lace

Sometimes there are morphs with interesting phenotype from my experiment with existing strains and if they look beautiful to me, I will try my best to enhance and stabilize their traits.

Another interesting colour is the green based half-metal lace. Its luminous green is a stark contrast against any dark background. I dubbed it the "Green Lantern" Lace :)) This strain is now only in the F2 generation.

The current progeny is tinted with yellow and copper-like coloration. Some maybe purplish but they spot a green tint on the metal upper body. Hopefully one day, I can achieve a lace line with very solid green shine.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moscow Magenta

For best effects, see them
against a dark background
The Magenta is another colour I am instantly attracted to. Pinkish reflective and striking even from afar, this hue is everything but natural. This colour really reminds me of the ladies' nail varnish. When I was very young, I was once so captivated by mom's reflective nail varnish that I used it to paint on my drawings... and that was a very painful experience :-P

Unfortunately most magenta strains are short tails and so I wasted no time in crossing them with my albino moscows to create the delta tail variant. I have since been working on it for more than 3 years and it nearly got extinct last year.

The most challenging of the magenta strain, as confirmed by some Guppy veterans is in perfecting the delta tail which are usually not triangular enough. This is one of the better specimens this year but definitely the strain still has a lot of room for improvement on the caudal.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aquarama 2013 Guppy Competition

Aquarama 2013 Guppy Competition had been very competitive. I was lucky to win 4 out of my 6 entries, all of which are home bred by me. The Open class first prize Chocolate Moscow was my new strain creation that had also won in the Trio (2nd Prize) and Group (1st Prize) in Aquarama 2011. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing the fruits of my labour and winning with my self bred fishes.

I would like to thank various Guppy experts like Mr Yap Teo Tee, Mr Henri, Mr Chris Ng and Mr Lok for sharing and guiding me in the Guppy hobby.

1st Prize - Trio Open Class
2nd Prize - Trio Open Class

3rd Prize - Lace/Snakeskin
2nd Prize - Solid (Non-Moscow)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guppy Challenge 2013

Having missed the National Guppy Competition last December as I was out of town, I was elated when I got to know the GCS Guppy Challenge 2013.  In fact, I was caught by surprised and most of my fishes are either too old or too young for this competition, nevertheless, I had managed to squeeze out 2 entries to support the show and was really lucky to have won in both :))

The pair of veteran red lace from a line that I have been trying to improve for a few years won the 2nd prize in the Lace Class. This pair are siblings and at 7 months old, frankly they are a bit old for the show. The male is approximately 6.5cm.

Half Metal Albino Full Red

In their show peak at 5 months old, the other pair of Half Metal Albino Full Red won the 1st prize in the AOC class. The next major show to look out for will be the Aquarama 2013 Guppy Competition. I will be competing if my entries are accepted.